Friday, December 19, 2008

SkyWatch Friday - Great Sunday Morning

As I opened the curtains to my patio door Sunday morning (12/14/08), I was surprised by the full moon staring right back at me high in the early morning blue sky.
I quickly got my camera and began to snap pictures. What made this so exciting for me was the fact that I had been practically bed ridden for the past 3 or 4 days. I had recently injured the bursa sac on my right knee and was in a splint up to my thigh and hobbling around on crutches.
I suppose I had been down in the dumps, not so much about the injury, but because I could not get outside to tend my garden or just to sit in my garden.
The view from above cheered me right up. Got me outside in no time at all. On crutches I took these awesome photos. The moon shots were what I saw to the south of my house. The clouds were my view when I looked to the north. Vastly different skyscapes from nearly the same area on my property.
What a beautiful heavenly display. For a little while I forgot about the knee and just enjoyed the moment. It was a great way to start my Sunday.


Anonymous said...


You have some wonderful sky shots here. I love the ones of the moon! The sky is a gorgeous shade of blue.

Ouch! Sorry about your knee. Hope you'll be out and about soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pamela...thanks for stopping by and commenting on my site. I see we're practically neighbors as I'm in Falls Church.

Your moon shots are awesome! I tried one last week but it wasn't great. You really need to see the "man in the moon" (as you have!) to get that good shot.

Hope your knee is better soon!

babooshka said...

Really are such intense beautiful colours.

Shannon said...

Great shots of the moon!

Geri said...

Beautiful pictures. I broke my ankle in March, and it's the pits when you can't get around, so I totally sympathize with you. Wishing you good health!

Mo said...

Beautiful images. Hope you are running about soon.

Mckay K said...

H Pamela; your moon shots are beautifully composed. Moon shots are not easy for me. However, you captured them perfectly.

Isn't it amazing how different the view of the sky can be from one side of your house to the other.

I have often taken pictures and if I had not taken them, I would not believe there were taken at the same time.

The pictures of the north side of your house are equally as beautiful and powerful.

Gaelyn said...

What a beautiful way to great the day. Hope you feel better soon.

Arija said...

Well worth hobbling outside for!
I too love working with my hands in the dirt.

Janie said...

Great moon photos. I like the plants in the foreground. Hope your knee is all better by now.