Thursday, March 5, 2009

Springtime In Pam's Chesapeake Gardens

With Spring fast approaching,
I felt the need to share with you what has
been happening in my gardens.

After beginning the winter clean up I began seeing a few signs of Spring.

The first sign was the return of my Pandora's Box Daylilies. I have 3 of them in my Grass Garden.

My Carolina Jessamine began blooming shortly after that.

And then the Snap Dragons burst onto the scene. They began blooming around the 26th of February and I must say it looks like they are here to stay. They are vibrant and beautiful. I took lots of pictures and I hope they make you as happy as they do me.

These beauties are not the only early arrivals in my gardens.
Take a look at 3 of my Rose Bushes. Here is the Climbing Blaze's new growth.

And the Blue Girl Rose Bush is right in step. The two Knock Out Rose Bushes in the garden looked a little tired a few days ago, but look at what I found when I went out to my gardens this morning! This little blossom is really trying to get it on the act .

And now take a look at my Dusty Miller...

They share a garden bed with Lantana and purple Salvia.
I know they can't wait for their beautiful companions to join them this spring. I know I can't!

There is much work to do to make my garden space the enchanted garden that I so lovingly refer to it from time to time

My garden is a labor of love and the place where I find my peace always.

I hope that you will find joy and peace also as you visit Pam's Garden Space in the coming days.

Until next time,