Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pam's Raised Winter Vegetable Garden

A few months ago I was inspired by a post that I read on a blog titled "Living with a Chronic Illness". It was an article about different ways to grow your own vegetables.

And how to plan gardens for small spaces. One was called a keyhole garden because once constructed it resembled a keyhole made with large stones. There was also a bag garden. Vegetables and seeds literally planted in huge bags. The people planting these gardens were women and young children in under developed countries. These gardens were their main source of food. The videos really touched me and I couldn't stop thinking about these very resourceful people.

I vowed to myself to plant my own vegetable garden and take some control over what I ate.

If these people could do it. I could do it!

I decided to plant a winter vegetable garden and use a raised Grow Bed.

I knew nothing about growing vegetables, so I read articles on the Internet. I bought a instruction book on growing vegetables. And last but not least, I asked my daddy.

His advice and encouragement was the final spark that I needed.

So armed with my new found knowledge, off I went to the neighborhood garden center... I bought cabbage and broccoli plants. I decided to plant seeds for my other plants. I chose green beans, peas, turnip greens and onions.

I had everything planted by mid October. After that the rest was easy. I just watered and watched my garden grow. And grow it did!

I'm really proud of my first vegetable garden. And I'm very happy with the yield.

I can't wait to plant my next crop. I'm thinking I might need to purchase or construct at least one more Raised Garden Bed.

Going the the whole process of planting my vegetable garden has been very rewarding for me.

I've eaten some of the brocolli and I must say it is delicious. I'll let you know how everything else turns out.

Here are pictures of my vegetable garden from the beginning until now.

Til next time,

Happy Gardening!


VRH said...

Mom-I'm so proud of you for working so hard on your raised veggie garden. I got to see the entire process and I'm amazed with your results. Also, I agree, the broccli tasted fantastic. I can't wait for your next veggie garden to yield its results.
Love you,

Anonymous said...

You did a great job. Everything looks so good! In these tough economic times, I think growing our own vegetables is a good idea.

Pamela K H said...


Your encouragement means the world to me.

Love You Too,


Pamela K H said...

Thanks Carla,

It is a labor of love. All of us can do something to help survive these times.


Mckay K said...

Hi Pam; Your garden looks great. I am impressed. All your vegetables look so healthy. They would be the envy of a seasoned gardener.

When we blog, we always hope that it helps someone. You make me smile. I was so surprised to see the nod to my blog. Thank you so much for validating all the research.

Janie said...

How enterprising and such a great use of a small space. The broccoli looks great. I need to start some here in Utah this spring and see how it does. We grow a garden but the season is short and that limits some okra, my favorite from down south.

Titania said...

Pam, a beautiful veggie garden. A veggie garden can be as attractive as flowers because the veggies have such nice colours and shapes. I am sure they are wonderfully tasty so much better then the bought ones. You did so well you must have green thumbs.